The Ejike Ugboaja Foundation strives to be a beacon of light to many communities both locally and internationally.

In 2009 the foundation’s community outreach efforts kicked off in Zaria, Nigeria. There, participants and coaches attended a local hospital where they offered support and financial assistance. Through these things, a young local girl was able to receive a life-saving operation. 2010 a camp settled in Bayelsa, Nigeria. The participants and coaches all walked to a local hospital and offered help by providing hospital supplies which were received by the staff, patients and their families.

Our future goal is to establish relationships with doctors, dentists, construction teams, churches, athletes, entertainers and leaders to provide resources. We would like to put to use these resources whether it’s their time, expertise, revenue or relationships towards establishing positive progress in local communities. Through these avenues, our intention is to use our foundation and sports as the medium to supply the construction, treatment, and inspiration behind our vision for this progress.